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11 Tips for Starting and Running a New Successful Home Business Career While Homeschooling

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Starting and running a profitable home business

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Starting and running a new home business career while homeschooling can be quite rewarding if you do it right.

In the U.S., choosing to educate kids at home often involves sacrificing a traditional job.

After resigning from your job, you are faced with the challenge of balancing the role of an ideal parent with that of a star teacher.

Except you were able to first build a successful business that can be managed from home, quitting your job to homeschool your kids can be overwhelming.

Anxiety isn’t uncommon in families that now have to survive on one spouse’s paycheck, because what if that salary isn’t large enough to comfortably carter for the provisions at home?

As a result, other parents have decided to continue working at their jobs, and rather combine their career with homeschooling.

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Advice on starting and running a new home business career

In this blog post, I put together a list of 11 awesome tips on how best you can approach the journey towards creating a new career or business for yourself at home without sabotaging your performance at homeschooling your kid(s).

1) Be frugal in your spending. Stick to budget.

Always remember that all you have is savings from a previous job. Savings run out with time, and if you do not spend them as wisely as possible, they will run out too early.

You do not want to also put excessive pressure on your partner’s paycheck because of your lack of financial discipline and inability to stick to budget.

During this period, any cent you spend must be absolutely necessary. Never make purchases that were not included in your monthly budget plan.

This is the smartest way to go about your personal finance until you have figured how to start making money from home.

Most importantly, being frugal will ensure you have more money to invest in the new business or career you intend creating for yourself.

2) Teach your kids to do chores

Teaching kids to do house shores is a functional aspect of education that traditional schooling does not put emphasis on.

This will help your kids to develop a sense of responsibility, as well as self-reliance at an earlier stage in their lives.

Having the children help you out with minor housekeeping duties also means that you only get to do tougher chores, and this gives you a little more time to work on your new career project as a stay-at-home parent.

3) Go for as much free learning resources as you can get

It’s mind-blowing for me how much relevant yet free information there are on the web.

For virtually every search on Google, there are thousands and millions of search results that could lead you to information that serves your intent.

Maximize it to your benefit.

Apart from accessing resources that can guide you in developing a homeschooling curriculum for your child’s peculiar needs, you will also get tons of materials you can study to improve your performance as a homeschooler, as well as actual study materials that your kids can use.

Numerous resources are also available and provide information on starting and running a new home business career while homeschooling.

You will also find resources on how you can start making money from home by creating and selling products and services, or teaching online courses on skills you already possess.

You could even come across a great idea or an implementation strategy for your new home-based career when browsing through any of the useful resources online.

4) Make a choice out of all the profitable business ideas you have studied

There are plenty options for women who want to build businesses or provide services from home. However, what we can all pursue with sustained enthusiasm over time differ.

For this reason, you should carefully make a choice of what income generating venture you want to run from home.

If you are not sure how to choose what career or business idea or model to pursue, make a list of the ones that currently appeal to you.

Write out the reason you love each option, and whether it is in line with your personal and family goals and values.

You can always switch to something else if one thing does not work out. You just have to start with making a choice of one out of many possible options.

5) Prepare your mind for the leap

Creating a new career for yourself isn’t always easy. Self doubt and low esteem are your greatest enemies as you work towards this new goal.

At first, your learning curve may be very slow. This is normal and should not get you discouraged.

Always remember that success in everything begins in the mind, and if you are not emotionally prepared for the leap, you will crash sooner.

Here is how to deal with fear: admit that you have fears, look at the good sides of what you have set out to achieve, tell yourself that your fears are not good enough to stop you.

Never entertain self-made excuses.

Talk to someone about how you feel, listen to motivational songs, or an inspiring talk by a business or religious speaker you admire.

When you keep doing these, your fears will subside, and you will be in a better frame of mind to jump. You can do it!

6) Get professional coaching

Leaving the home for long hours of consultation with a coach in another part of town or another city, may not be a convenient option for you.

But, you can book a competent online coach that helps stay-at-home parents to create income-generating ventures.

One of my most recommended tips for choosing an online coach is visiting their website.

Reading through the free content that already exists on their website or blog will give you some insight into the kind of value they can provide, and help you decide if this is what you want.

My reason for recommending that you get professional coaching is that this will help you stay accountable as you work towards your goal.

7) Don’t wait for the perfect time: Start creating

Your product offering may not be perfectly packaged yet, but this should not hold you back from launching.

You can always improve as you progress. As a matter of fact, a lot of people who have succeeded as stay-at-home income earners did not start out with the best version of their products.

Prepare your pitch, improve your confidence. Things always find a way to work themselves out, once you have started.

Paying attention to reviews from your first set of clients will help you to redesign your offering, and in no time you will have everything figured out.

Never let the fear of criticism paralyze your wings. Fly anyway! Take off…….wobble…wobble…..soar!

8) Get good sleep whenever you can

A good sleep will calm your nerves, and keep you less stressed. Combining homeschooling with running your venture can be very demanding, and stressful. So, grab a nap whenever you can during the day.

If the kids are still very little, make sure not to have food on fire before sleeping off. This could lead to an outbreak.

Work on going to bed on time, so that you can wake up feeling energized to attend to the family while growing your home-based business.

Also, you do not want to doze off before the kids, when you should be helping them with their subjects.

9) Stay in touch with old friends and colleagues

You will need someone to share ideas with about your new projects and other challenges you may be facing in your new role.

Old friends and former colleagues will prove helpful for this. Placing a call to any one of them may bring back pleasant memories of your time at your former job, or awesome childhood experiences.

These have a way of helping your mood, and giving you that sense of belonging we all need to keep going.

Besides, they could patronize your business, as well as spread the word about your business to people they know will need what you sell. Gaining referrals is made easier this way.

10) Homeschooling isn’t lockdown. Go for outings (network, attend fun activities)

Homeschooling is not detention. Staying at home isn’t always fun. If you are an introvert, you could use this advice more.

One of the most popular cons of homeschooling by critics is that it limits socialization, and this is true in most cases and isn’t very cool both for the kid and you too.

Create a schedule to eat out with the kids, take them to the bookstore, visit the library or a zoo, engage in hobbies, attend wedding and seminars, network with other stay-at-home parent, go to garage sales etc.

Creative ideas and inspirations can come when you break a boring routine to have some fun, and perhaps interact with total strangers.

11) Opt for part-time homeschooling when if you start feeling drained

While homeschooling may appear like an all-or-nothing endeavour at first, this shouldn’t be so.

Combining homeschooling with a career is tough, and after your home business has finally taken off, you may discover that you need some extra time for yourself.

At this point, you should consider talking to the authorities of the local school of choice in your area.

If the authorities are flexible enough, you may opt to teach the kids some core subjects at home, and have them come to school for special classes like music and arts.

If you found this blog post on starting and running a new home business career while homeschooling informative, help us to share it with your friends and community of stay-at-home parents.


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