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How Do I Combine My Career with Homeschooling?

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Do you wish to combine your career with homeschooling?

Do you find it difficult figuring how to successfully execute this combination?

Then, you may find this blog post extremely helpful.

When people first contemplate the idea of homeschooling, their concerns revolve around how this decision can affect and even disrupt their social and career life.

Of course, a few things will have to change as a matter of necessity, but when you consider the bigger picture, these changes are nothing compared to the advantages you foresaw before choosing homeschooling as an option for your kids.

At first, adjusting to a new routine to accommodate this balance may be very uncomfortable, but it’s worth it in the end.

Implementing these simple tips listed below can make it a lot easier to keep a balance between both, without having one jeopardizing your performance in the other.

Here are my 7 Top Tips on How to Combine a Career with Homeschooling:

1) Decide what becomes priority

To Combine a career with homeschooling can be tricky. Your job needs your time, and so does your kids and their education.

How to first deal with this, is to decide what aspects of your time management practices you need to readjust.

Keep a log of what you do through the day for about three weeks. This will help you spot activities that are less worthwhile.

Eliminate them and you will discover how much time you have to engage with the kids.

For example: Let’s say you usually stayed back for chit chats after work hours; this will have to change.

Once you are done with work at the office, ensure to not stay behind unless it’s really necessary. Otherwise, drive home to the kids.

Since the weekends are ideal for hands-on activities, knitting, gardening, workbook exercises and doing homework with the kids, you may consider cutting down on weekend social outings to achieve reasonable balance.

2) Work on getting a more flexible job

Homeschooling as a full time stay-at-home parent may not be very convenient for your family, especially if you need the money from your job to run the home, and take care of family expenses.

For this reason, instead of quit your job totally, you could pick a more flexible job elsewhere.

If you and your spouse work as full time career people at different 9-5 jobs, you may have to discuss and agree on which of you (or if both of you) should pick a part-time employment, to ensure there is always a parent at home with the children.

In a case where it becomes necessary for one parent to sacrifice his/her job to stay with the kids, he or she may then continue supporting the family financially by starting and running a new business career from home

3) Create a homeschool schedule

You can actually create a homeschooling routine that complement your work hours.

Homeschooling kids do not have to start from 8 a.m. and end at 3 p.m. every day. You can teach for a few hours on very busy days, and compensate with more hours on weekends.

Develop a homeschool curriculum for the kids that they can do independently.

You probably want to consider pencil drawing, crayon painting, rhymes, table games, and even online classes.

If the kids aren’t old enough, you should reconsider leaving them with buckets of colour paint. They will ruin the whole place with it!

When you are not engaged with work, during the evenings or weekends, you can take them through exercises that are best done under your supervision, as well as more activity-based lessons that require your active participation such as maths, piano, sewing, science experiments with chemicals etc

You can also combine activities to conserve time. 

A smart way to do this may be by reading historical and biographies aloud while the children are drawing and painting, or integrating language studies with literature, and vacation trips with geography.

4) Split the subjects with your spouse

Spouses often agree to share the work load of homeschooling. Doing this could mean splitting the subjects between husband and wife, so that each person picks the subjects they can most comfortably teach the kids.

5) Arrange for a home tutor or a Co-Op

Sharing of subjects and instructional time with someone else can be a cool and smart option.

If you and your spouse are unable to competently take on a subject, you can outsource the extra to a paid tutor.

In addition to supplementing your teaching times by hiring a tutor, you should consider belonging to co-ops that schedule group classes for homeschoolers.

Some critics think that homeschooling is bad because of the limited opportunity for socialization, but co-ops are a wonderful way of bringing a bit of socialization into homeschooling.

Different parents get to work jointly and take shifts to teach group classes.

Homeschool students also get to attend a few classes and activities outside the home with other children.

6) Use online learning options

One way to make your kids independent learners is by introducing them to e-Learning.

Children find these sources interesting and interactive, as it provides self-paced learning in a format that is both engaging and motivating.

One ideal advantage is that parents are able to choose a curriculum that addresses the peculiar needs of their children.

7) Teach the children to do chores

Encouraging children to do chores are an aspect of homeschooling that teaches kids to take responsibility for their environment.

The kids should learn to make their beds, neatly fold their clothes, wash their socks and do dishes.

You can teach them to take care of the garden too! In fact, house hold chores can be used to teach home economics skills.

This has proven to also be one of the most efficient ways to ease the pressure from house works, for parents that chose to combine a career with homeschooling.

8) Learn to review the kid’s performance. Join a homeschoolers support group to learn what works better

Even though you decided against public school, you probably want to be sure that opting for homeschooling is yielding expected outcomes. What’s the point of tutoring your kid at when you can’t achieve good results at it?

To make sure that your kids are having the best schooling experience at home, you should take out time to assess how much they have absorbed from you or their home tutor, or at the co-op group class.

If you are not satisfied with what you discover, work towards adopting a more effective curriculum or approach.

Join a homeschoolers support group to learn what other parents are doing to get improved results.

This is very important, because, the assurance that your children are having the best learning experiences will help you not to worry too much.

This way, you get to concentrate better each time you are out on your job.

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