Career Hobbyist

Intersection of Work, Life, Creativity & Money


My name is Onyeka-Martins Madueke, and I am the founder and chief contents editor at

After a combination of experiences in non-profit (NGO), government establishments and personally-owned business ventures, I knew it was time to build something more. So, I created this website as a medium of sharing incredible resources that are relevant to helping both young and old career persons, hobbyists and other professional enthusiasts create a most deserving life in their chosen paths.

There are a million ways, I and my team could be beneficial to you, including;

  1. Creating professional resumes and cover letters,
  2. Offering career and interview counselling,
  3. Writing niche-relevant materials,
  4. Crafting your incident reports, show-cause/query letter for employee misconduct,
  5. Creating compelling and strong brand stories for businesses and start ups,
  6. Non-profit storytelling services

It is possible you have other ideas about how to work together on a project too.

To contact us, send an email to, and we shall be sure to respond as promptly as possible.